New information!

2018March 25th. : Fuji Doggie visitors participating in Marche
It is a food Park Office.

The other day I was very popular last year"Mt. Fuji Doggie Marche"It's
I talked and decided the place where
There are plenty of dog lovers from our inquiry.
Thank you for your(*'▽')
The details of the eventClick hereFrom the Please!
And while most of
"Close to the dogs do not stay and accommodation? "
Rather and inquiry is.

Therefore! Therefore! Food Park Office
Recommended near the dog introduce accommodations and friendly!

By car from Asagiri food Park.
About 15 minutesIt'sSee ASAGIRI Field DogsGarden.Like
Dog park was built here Dalmatians-CHAN's dining is also available.
Morning to GO to the dog park! You can also!(#^.^#)
Dalmatians-Chan liked friendly staff will welcome you're ★
Reservations and inquiries, please see the home page.

Next in line is by car from Asagiri food ParkApproximately 20 minutesIt'sVacation Village FujiLike
Also located on the banks of Lake Tanuki, overlooking the beautiful Mt. Fuji
Accommodation is famous as it is.

Our dog guests and main, not available in the cottage.
Lake Tanuki, Dalmatians and is nice for a walk('◇')
I also walking her dog well bother you.

Local citizens is 1 degree hotel you want to stay!
Reservations and inquiries please see the home page.

More featured accommodation we could(*'ω'*)
Fuji Doggie Marche is a very popular event.
Accommodation as the rooms are limited so
We recommend booking early.

In addition, from Asagiri food ParkApprox. 50 minutesThe Lake Kawaguchi
Around Dalmatians and budget accommodation there is a person
You have time to spare, please consider a try?.
Then 8 / 25・8 / 26 a lot of dog properly to look forward to seeing you!

2018年4月23日 : Report of the GOOUT and GW event announcements
All greetings('ω')Bruno
Asagiri food Park Office is.

生憎のお天気でした・・・((+_ ))笑。







2018年3月25日 : Cherry blossom season has arrived!
Sunday is responsible for the Secretariat of food Park.
In the day's March
Asagiri-Kogen, was hit by a Blizzard.
I wonder if any tire can normal.
But slowly warm up to cherry blossom viewing season
It seems that there has been(#^.^#)

The information store also
Cherry productsBought lots!
Among the recommendedUeno confectioneryIt's
"Cherry jelly! "

Irresistible, mouth full spread aroma of cherry blossoms!
Cherry jelly to eat in one bite, 150 yen.(税込)It is!
Draw at Fuji positive alcohol manufacturingAlso love it!

Other packages so Kawa(・ ∀ ・)II!!
Many cherry blossom sweets available now-do.

Limited time offer!Because it is a
Everyone like early to please come please park.( '-Be)Bruno
Please come forward sincerely Park.

2018March, 10th. : Potato factory shells mites from announcements
Potato factory shells tick is.
Please since I updated the blog in a long time.

Now, Asagiri food Park in 3/11-31
AFP general electionThe place!

Each Studio are his specialty.
The pass the vote to the purchased item.
Please vote on favorite items.
To our customers who voted each Studio will send the gift in the lottery.
Thank you clear 1 comments from you.(*́ω ' *)

2018年2月25日 : Fuji anniversary events throw rice report
Sunday is the Office.
Yesterday, many customers in
"Mt. Fuji anniversary events throw rice" to
Welcome and thank you for.

Good weather, warm and even Mount Fuji was peeping out.
In a perfect cake day!
And did you enjoy?
I almost did not get, say we are sorry for those who....
Next year, this year's event the better
"Throw rice" to will make it!

In addition, free events to devote
Shop at the Studio asked in my last blog...
Many customers gave us buying souvenirs.
Thank you again!

Food par ku役 fellow arms up in the air, threw
The arm go up today... lol

Too lack sense of photography, it is
There a Mt.Fuji! Lol

Enjoy the next event!( *´艸`)