Asagiri milk workshop event announcements(゜∀゜)

Hi, Asagiri milk factory is.
Announcement of the event

22009ImportFor Valentine's day.
ThereforeWe plan Valentine's day events in Asagiri milk workshop
Entitled..."KY love on Valentine's day"です!!

* Date:2017On February 11.(Soil)The 12(Day)
* Time:10 am:30~ The 2:00 PM ~
* Number of persons:Each 15 limited(Telephone reservations accepted TEL:0544-52-0333)
* The amount:800Circle(Tax included) Pay packages also available
* Location:Asagiri food Park inAsagiri milk workshop
* Contents:
Spaghetti with butter AsagiriCookiesCandyRuskChoose the liked it and then taste a thing, we will create an assortment.
Make your own gift wrapping and greeting card options, so I'm
Who has become a cherished husband and lover, I think while it isLoveFull 詰me込mimashou

For more information, please see the flyer

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