Valentine's day events ♪ Asagiri milk workshop

Asagiri milk workshop.(゜∀゜)

It was snowing! ~
Come this weekend, to playing in the snow!

And... I'mValentine's day eventWill be held
As mentioned previously, will create an assortment

We will introduce a basket item

First, popular "Butter cookies

30% of the dough with butter it is ♪ luxury too right?

Next in line is high among men 'Butter Rusk

Using both the milk and butter. Light melts in your mouth, not too sweet is good

And, clear and sweet 'Butter candy

Try these, you can create a personalized gifts
Valentine's day, as well asAnd that is very much in the souvenir for your friends??
Couples are also welcome

Reception is available, so come join us
Get one either milk or milk coffee

Asagiri milk factory original eventSo, definitely not. We will implement in the milk factory