Autumn event Roundup!

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Asagiri food Park Office.(#^.^#)

And once again the Asagiri food Park
Introducing autumn events!

-9/30(Soil)"Mt. Fuji foot music festival.

-10/1(Day)"Asagiri-Kogen Festival opening fest.

-10/8(Day)Asagiri tea
* Rain postponement 10/14

-10/21(Soil)-10/22(Day)Cyclo-Mt. Fuji

* 10/21(Soil)-10/22(Day)Drone aerodrome is not permitted.

10Saturday and Sunday do mochi in confectionery sweets Koubou Ueno weekly throughout the month!
You can purchase rice-cakes( *Be Eulalia ')

' Please come forward sincerely Park!

Summer Food Park.

Are you after a long time ^ ^
Asagiri food Park Office is.

The summer vacation is what you doing?.
Asagiri food Park summer's thanks
Gallivare( *Be Eulalia ')
Just a little bit to introduce not that listens!

8/5,6"No. 1 once dronesummerfesta! "
Skip the drone

Motorcycle ride

Horsie rides

In addition to stage and
Somen, was a great climax.

8/20The warehouse concert

Enveloped in the smell of liquor a nice 30 minutes!

8/24The Taiwan well known Braga-just please come please park was.

Each workshop, and is enjoyed.

Events will be held also fall Asagiri food Park
It is sure fun to ^ ^
Sequentially updated event information.
Please look forward to(#^.^#)

9/2-9 / 3 art door held.

9January 2(Soil)-3 days(Day)
Craft artists and shops are on the Asagiri plateau
Suggestions how to enjoy the outdoors with products and creations.
"ARTAlso"UtdOR "Even closer to home.
One point one point hand craft artists and
Shop sells carefully selected products will display for sale ^ ^

Within the food park surrounded by greenery at the foot of Mt. Fuji
To find the
Local delicious things to eat,
Please spend wonderful time ★
* Rain-storm

Art door

9July 12 & 13The held mitraparp sponsored art door event for two days

It was a lovely event, such as feel closer to ART and OUTDOOR
Nature event square, lined with lots of gadgets, just how cute products
During the period was all the time by sovasova

I was glad I see many customers happily shopping is?
So from this event goes up to HP
Please check
Please come Association welcomes