Homemade barbecued pork strewn with delicious fried rice

Delicious fried scarmoza Asagiri yoghurt pigs homemade barbecued pork

The taste of barbecued pork with plenty of gravy sauce!
In classic menu, not the lucky menus.
Hall staff shigemura push menu.

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Beef stew

Buffet restaurant Fuji's.
Is the introduction of our ever-popular Super good source of beef stew
Until soft about Shizuoka shoulder roast red meat, Guinea fowl and undo in the mouth 3-has boiled four hours

Winter cold Asagiri-Kogen in people without the Viking, high-quality, very popular menu.
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Pork skin diet

Asagiri yoghurt pig's meat shop(T)Use(Barbecued pork's photos)
This pork fat is.
Contains more Omega-3 fatty acids lower cholesterol, triglycerides and regulate blood pressure, diet and skin effect can be expected
Omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods
• Blue fish
• Vegetables
◆ bean
• Perilla oil
• Perilla oil
• Too much to the oil
• Walnut
◆ Chia seeds

More about yoghurt pig ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Gitogito oil grows in a yogurt-like fermented food and scolded, even not! and there sweet and fluffy!
Many contain polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce blood cholesterol, fat further.
Raised in a yogurt-like fermented, using a safe feeding of domestic food
So no use of drugs such as antibiotics in healthy pigs raised in the digestion of food and excellent safety.

Shizuoka Prefecture beef of refreshing Ponzu sauce

Buffet restaurant Fuji's.
Our popular menu, Shizuoka, beef with Ponzu sauce is a refreshing
Shizuoka beef same-cum cream topped with plenty of onions simmer about 3 hours, carefully selected and OBA leaves onions or
Vinegared flavoured with dare is popular in the elderly.

Will each offer once per hour for much better suited perfectly for popular menu
Summer menu.

Buffet milk pot

12Milk pot, emerged.
Weekdays only 10 meals. The pot is no charge.

Will be available on the table and ask the customers, you want to eat.
Will no other dishes a little pot of about 15 cm in diameter, so that you don't, so don't worry!

Who order early!
In the cold morning mist had once to have milk pot
Please enjoy

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Buffet restaurant Fujisan