Limited partnership fujimasa-syuzou

Fuji plus brewing Asagiri collection

New sensibility sake
The flavor of natural spring water from the rice softens the natural sweetness and Mt. Fuji.
Fuji positive alcohol should be and stick both the breathtaking sake for the first time, new emotions.

The nearest brewery to Mt. Fuji
The flavor as invigorating as the alpine air, lush green nature.
The Fuji positive alcohol reflected Asagiri plateau climate, water and air.
Enjoy the special taste cannot be build here but the.

Message from the President
In all aspects. For example, more things if it advances culture and civilization, civilization, culture comes from a few things so far. It is wisdom and knowledge. Both are required, but only knowledge and wisdom will not.
Food is the food and luxury goods. It is the desire for the body to hold food in my diet, but remember the satisfaction of mind are luxuries. Alcohol food, not one of the luxuries.

I'll fly, but long ago began the parents until the age of six, families in all wisdom turned on. It is then up to the elementary school, and taught me the wisdom of living study knowledge. We believe in the wisdom of each home and sensibility of the individual becomes the starting point of his commitment.
Sensitivity of a critical element of luxury goods and good-hearted. Recently made products tailored to consumer needs, but it is no luxury goods that no one would. It is required that build products with his own feelings, rather than to meet the consumers ' needs. You will be stuck with nature. I come out of a product, but right now, the world economy is very good at this time. However, with lower values at random, are targeting the mass market company goods now that there is.... Don't mourn the craftsmen have been building it, Gucci and Prada back 買i求metara everyone, just because people have? This is because match maker and user sensibility and attention are luxuries, not worth a thing.
Stuck as ever for our sake, we will build. And I want to have adversary to the people who have the same sensibilities.

Limited partnership fujimasa-syuzou
Representative Sano mutsuko

♦ introduction of products
Also suitable for newly acquired by, a new concept of the new lineup.
Women love women calligraphers, Sakura Nagata (sarenn) Mr. Couture label, "Aqua series".
And the new flagship symbolized the collection name "Fuji plus series".

Tasting "Fuji Masamichi.