Mt. mist dairy

Asagiri milk workshop.!!
Today the weather is good, clearly Fuji wettest looks after a long time
I was nervous smoke erupting from oosawa

1Shoot, put our climbing photos
Another one I took from the Cosmos field. Kitty, I feel the fall
Next year in full bloom when you want to take...(-Mike-)

I think that Mt. Fuji clearly visible, clear the air, so the Asagiri-Kogen, please
Shop stuff Y h.(-Mike-)

Today, Mt. Fuji

Asagiri food Park co-operative Okamura.
Today, the air was clear and I saw beautiful Mt. Fuji!

Strong wind from the oosawa, sand and dust
Mt. Fuji seen from the Park is spectacular, thrilling
Recommended photo spot, please ask staff
May hear is various and recommend spot
Come, come!

Union building

Halloween morning mist dairy

HelloIt is a morning mist dairy Kobayashi.
Silver also because of many good customers to thank, the very
Asagiri Kogen is quite cool, delicious hot season is approaching
Because it will prepare hot drinks hot milk and hot coffee, Asagiri plateau are, take a look at Asagiri dairy breath?
Soft serve ice cream other milk soft back green tea & Bilberry
Shop Halloween design and look forward
On weekends it's Pizza, butter, butter chicken curry stalls open
Please take a look at

New products!

Asagiri sandwich began
Asagiri dairy milk milk bread, use lots of mozzarella cheese, is a delicious sandwich with prosciutto ham Asagiri

Launch, less than one month has passed since happiness is very popular
Bread is chewy, delicious!
To tell the truth, as well as the customers, is a very popular food Park in staff, (laughs)
Are sold at the front of the parking information building
Be made after receipt of your order, so crowded situations less waiting for salt is out
Worth eating is
Please come try us OPS when

Art door

9July 12 & 13The held mitraparp sponsored art door event for two days

It was a lovely event, such as feel closer to ART and OUTDOOR
Nature event square, lined with lots of gadgets, just how cute products
During the period was all the time by sovasova

I was glad I see many customers happily shopping is?
So from this event goes up to HP
Please check
Please come Association welcomes