Tea blossoms are at their best

It is already the end October
Asagiri food Park root primordia area became completely cold

Now,Asagiri tea workshop Fuji ParkThe store front
Mini teaAlthough there are
Little by little began to bloom the month before tea flowers
Now it is time to

先日刈り込まれた ↓ 茶畑 ↓ のいたるところに

So this is a lot of small white flowers blooming

Language of flowers"Remembrance", "pure love"など
Flowers I feel the nostalgia!

Here alone by climate scattered to quit during the 11 month are at their best, but in the
Now take a look at this time of year please come OPS please!

Fuji Park

Autumn is here-(OuO)☆

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.!!

I saw the other day, I put diamond Fuji Photo??
Just as the last 24()In re challenged!
It was cold... but could come early
February is the following-!!!

And the autumn "Acorn" machine!
Is cute

Look for acorns dropped on the food Park.

Finally, shop new products.

ISE and collaboration products head office and morning mist dairy 'is Monaco"is
Great with custard and ice cream
Please come, Asagiri milk workshop

Shop stuff y h.

!! Hay fever problems not to be missed!

Hay problems

My nose is itching, not stop sneezing, itchy eyes ~ ~!
Not to be missed is that hay and "allergic" to the troubles

Do you know other fuuki tea?

Originally developed as a variety of tea for tea, as teaStrong astringent or bitterThere,
Is characterized by very good fragrance

And a specific catechin contained only this other popular in
Methylated catechin, and it works like a charm on hay fever and allergy symptoms

I will try!
Let's keep in mind possible measures

Asagiri tea workshop Fuji ParkThe store offers

Benifuuki offers corner

Information useful for hay fever

Leaf type

Powder type
Easy to carryPowder stick

Other fuuki tea candy

Also350 ml bottled drink eat fuuki teaAnd so on various lineup
Please visit the website during your visit

Fuji Park

Have colored leaves

Have been many and lighten the views of Mt. Fuji,

Tea Studio Fuji Park before snow water of Mt. Fuji rock near trees
AllAutumnThe attire is

It is a beautiful red

Hot tea while enjoying the autumn leaves or autumn sky from this will be colder, but why not?
Be sure to visit

Fuji Park

In stock now!

To the Union buildingFujinomiya production CitronIn stock now

It is from this season, yuzu bath and NABE and essential items
The scent is also very soothing
Please check the outing because it introduces the OTC with yuzu and ssmerecipe

Please come Association, welcomes

Diamond Fuji, and?

Hi, is the morning mist milk workshop

This morning, diamond Fuji for 7 a.m. ago work and was on stand-by

Here because it's wrong.(。 _。 )
Filmed in 24 days last year--on the same day should have had.("Д")

But beautiful.

The Cosmos taken with toy

The challenge this weekend

Shop stuff Y h.

Featured products!

Today is the introduction of food Park Union building shop featured products

Then I

It is Mt. Fuji for bag

When you go out, or even a simple tote bag, such as the Sub is what the handy!
Me feel thrilled, just think, what color or colors are rich in

You can use different colors with an important person, such as your friends and family.
Mt. Fuji for bags No. 1 parking in front of the Union buildings shop sells
Mt. Fuji for bags / 1620 yen (tax included)

Please come Association, welcomes

The first snow!

Good morning
Yesterday 10/11 (Sunday) first snow on Mount Fuji was observed

From Asagiri food Park in the down arrow click here ↓

Today the weather is good, so sitting on the Asagiri tea workshop Fuji garden terrace.
TeaSuch as?

↓ Click here ↓ is this morning from Fujinomiya City Hall near Mt. Fuji

Is very popular because you can see Mt. Fuji from local residents, different in appearance from Fujinomiya city
We are waiting you!

Fuji Park

Okinawan smell

Okamura Asagiri food Park.
10Earlier this month, has been colder than the morning mist
Trees in the Park are colored red on the basis we have
Also growing in front of the Japanese-style confection workshops Ueno confectionery Okinawan smell getting colored now.

Red fruit is so cute!

Many plants become ParkDo you before it taking a stroll while enjoying the nature?
Please come Association, welcomes

Union building