Mt. Fuji is beautiful.('U')

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.
Today, Mt. Fuji isThis is Mt. Fuji!!I feel that it is.

Underway at our Studio for Christmas decorations

Thanks for doing hoping staffIs a chance to show women's power w
Because the wish to visit the real thing is the main Christmas tree run photos

And a tasting tasting this lovely pottery...

It is a hand-crafted in our staff. The cheese in this delicious tasting dishes.
Weekend delicious cheese tasting rooms, so please come!!

Of course, it's blue sky kitchen(Street vendors)Also we will open

-Weekend(11/28,29)The production Guide-
Milk-> 9-11 a.m.
(Milk soon began manufacturing milk coffee.)
Cheese is in hiatus.

Milk-> 9-11 a.m.
There is a plan to manufacture cheese, due to holiday can be.

Description of the manufacturing process by the staff(Free)Is engaged at all times, so please ask staff

Await your visit!!

Shop stuff Y h.

Production start of winter!

Good morning
Cold this morning I root primordia area food Park is now (morning 8 a.m. time).Temperature 3 ° Cです
Walking table is the Sun is warm, and it hurts the ears as cold.

Well, yesterday evening a temporary downpour from the past in the
Fuji also completelyWinter productionNow

Still in majestic shape of Mt. Fuji in winter, I was overwhelmed.
Also, this is a lawn area from spring until autumn blooming colorful flowers…

In the soil between lawnFrostWas down
While walking on the sounds from the feet crunched under music

And this is Mt. Fuji in Fujinomiya City Hall

Until the hoei mountain snow cover.

It will be colder, but
I want breakfast while enjoying the landscape of tea

Why OPS please look at next?

Fuji Park

Asagiri food Park Winter hours notice.
12Will change between February and may from

Opening hours: 9:30-16:30
Closed: Thursday (holidays open)

Winter hours notice.

Asagiri food Park Winter hours notice.
12Will change between February and may from

Opening hours: 9:30-16:30
Closed: Thursday (holidays open)

New product announcements

I was fine this morning out of Kasa clouds forecast for yesterday?
But around noon from is that it rains,…

Now, the tea factory Fuji Park isGifts, new yearIn the bestTeaThe gift sets available

Gift cornerWe have established a

We will introduce some of

Our popular No. 1 "on's tea" and pleasing as the bringer "Eighty tea" on set
On the inside lid of canned save it
You can also put another tea you drink, it

Here "on the chosen tea" and hand-picked tea set
Is canned on our popular suzuko Tin aligned flowers

In addition to numerous offers

In addition, more recently also confectionery products in stock now

A-not wheat gluten is
Available in three types of "tea", "grapes" "Sakura"

Speaking of Shizuoka-Fu sweet cherry bar is famous.
Outside is fluffy crisp and the inside with sugar
For the elderly from children is popular

Please also visit new corners, etc.

Fuji Park

Many faces of Mt. Fuji

Cloud like umbrella Mount Fuji
Did you know there's name is due to a
In the morning than the food Park in Mt. Fuji "nikai shades" of such"One hat"That umbrella clouds…

The probability of these umbrella cloud rains within 24 hoursMore than 80%It seems
Just got a preliminary report and tomorrow morning it's raining
Please come visit us at OPS when warm

It is also Mt. Fuji taken on the evening of the day

Known as the sunset blushes[Red Fuji]です
Can be seen on sunny days like this
Before the fall, and now it is from 16: 00 Red Fuji and
Please also click here to visit the see

Fuji Park

This morning was a temperature of 7 ° C!

Cold today
But in this cold weather, autumn is beautiful

This tea factory Fuji garden terrace on the sideMapleOf the view.

It is a beautiful red

Yesterday was also covered in clouds is Mt. Fuji couldn't take any pictures because the…

I worked perfectly this morning
That seems a little melted snow
The rain forecast for the weekend, so next week may be more snow

Please come and OPS for heavy clothing or wear something nice.

Fuji Park

In yesterday's rain…

Yesterday's rain, And lightningThat was amazing!
And in the bad weather on the top of Mt. Fuji snowed in…

See Mt. Fuji from Fujinomiya City Hall this morning and
So I was still snow

Currently covering the clouds from the root primordia near the food Park
Can't see Mt. Fuji.
If it's sunny I'm sure sees a snow beautiful Mt. Fuji?

I also want to let you know here

Fuji Park

Is a sweet potato throughout the event!

Today is raining, cold, bad weather,
Sweet potato event is being held to

Tea Studio Fuji ParkThe front is

Kakuta Ms.It'sSweet and savory sweet potatoesTo

To stick the crispy fried
Green tea saltAn exquisite dusted with sweet and salty taste
With one stick sale

It is offered in 1 cup ¥ 300
It takes a little time, but fried come enjoy
Are the hokuhoku cum cream
The body quickly accumulate.

While selling other products in each Studio collaboration of sweet potato
Why OPS please look at next?

Fuji Park

Fall foliage and Mt. Fuji

Continued relatively warm days coming soon
So from this weekend seems to be cold, but we are also held events
Take a look at the food Park please come OPS please!

Here is a picture of Mount Fuji taken from Fuji Park back to 5 pm today (11/6)
Colored red by locationAutumn leavesAndMt. FujiWith it I take a two-shot as well as

Hours before it goes up the temperature in the morning,
The lower evening temperatures in the early evening hours that looks best
Camera in hand!

Fuji Park

This weekend is an event(゜∀゜)♪

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.

That fall considerably in the past few days, it's getting cold...
Every year, cold has been painful, commuters will scarf. Is required in the morning mist
Please everyone firmly against the cold, avoid catching cold

Well, this weekend.(11/8)The autumn harvest festival(10:-15:)
Today's forecast with sunny weekend so please come(For more information please contact food Park)

We will sell the event limited menu Asagiri milk workshop
Asagiri Kogen sky kitchen(Street vendors)The "and one butter.

In shop new breed silk sweat milk soft → 50 food limited.

Asagiri dairy products with the taste of autumn does not enjoy watching the leaves??
Enjoy and please dress warmly.

Workshop information
Milk production at 9-11 a.m.
Cheese factory 12-13:(Will vary depending on the production volume)
* Mozzarella, avoid cheese want to create either come out and enjoy
* Explanation by the staff how to make the offer at any time(Free)

Shop stuff Y h.