Tea column (2)

Well, tea column."Nutrients contained in tea (2)'It is
The last "(1) catechin" of efficacy was bactericidal and deodorizing effect and cold prevention, prevention of malnutrition,

This time
(2) where a bitter ingredient in green tea"Caffeine"The indication is

The caffeine

"The Elimination of fatigue and drowsiness.
Hangover prevention

…Such as the benefits may
Is not wanting to wake up the sleepy morning tea to drink in?

More recently,Excessive intake of caffeine is not good for the bodyAnd it also had news
More than 250 mg in one dayExcess dietary intake and woke up in the middle of the night, the

By the way150 ml green teaPerCaffeine is 30 mg.なので
Is it okay to drink 1 Cup at a time with morning, noon and night
Night less caffeine than green teaRoasted green teaTo then sleep well.

In addition, now justYear-end party seasonThe people are more and more opportunities to drink a lot of alcohol
Tea is the highDiuretic propertiesIn sometimes hazardous substance acetaldehyde exhausts to the outside of the body
No matter how fun drinking, even the next day with a hangover feel worst and not so

The same wine"Tea day"In between, orSoft drinksTo"Green tea"To or…
(Hot, dark order to put green tea and tea leaves from tea and more effect and)
Is the hangover from the effect is
Try on drinking too much.

Fuji Park