Year-end and new year sales guidance Asagiri dairy.

Guys Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.(-Mike-)♪
And MerryChristmas.

Even recently, during the winter or sunny day!
But morning are negative, violent tornadoes since health management, 10-watch out

Recently, the staff had to diet. Be thinner in two months how many kilograms??!That confrontation, I was fine last
And I met during that period, the enzyme into smoothies, this drink with milk, tasty(Shizuoka look like say "idiot.")It is!!
Drinking milk ago dinner and got a feeling of fullness, reduces the amount of the meal...So can a diet without too much difficulty, but BBW and chubby my Smoothie with one change, I
Christmas and year-end and new year holidays and eat more so want to continue.
Maybe after you put it into smoothies in milk is a good way to drink it?

Because the nutrient-rich milk 1 cup(About 200 ml)Will try to drink
In that case come and deliciousAsagiri milkBreakfast /(・∀・)/

☆ year-end holiday sales guide stars.
1231(Wood)OnlyAbsence from work
1April 1(Gold)-Normal operation
Opening hours:9At 30 minutes from 16:30

Please note that each Studio the day trouble unlike the inconvenience.

Enjoy Christmas

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