Tea column extra

Left by 2015, I became slightly
Are you might use the holidays this year, domestic travel, such as that?
Would also be spent at home slowly,

EspeciallyWomen who areTo want you to know
Green tea beauty lawLet me introduce it as tea column extra

(1) green tea face wash

After this is usually washing their faces on the street,Cool green teaIn the finish, you wash only
As much as possibleFuki取razu with a towel, dryingThe point

Green tea has theBeauty white vitaminAt least potency said vitamin C is included in the rich, skin whitening,
Also, astringent, so see the pores.
Bactericidal effects of catechin is furtherAcne preventionAlso helps

(2) green tea bath
Gara and wrapped in a gauze-shaped bag, for it's old and has it drink tea leaves, simply put in the tub

In the faint smell of tea to tea bathRelaxing effectAlso there
Massage your skin with the put tub tea bags,
WhenBlood circulationToo often,Skin effectAlso gives

What is the end of the year is kick in the green tea bath?

So ladies and gentlemen, a happy new year

Year-end/new year holiday notice.
12/30/2015 holidays.
1/1/2016 holidays.

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