Asagiri milk factory that became this year(-Mike-)

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.

2015Sales for the year will end today.
12/31(Wood)That will be closed.

This year than a year very helpful
To be able to meet many customersThe Asagiri milkI am glad I know
We appreciate to everybody who visited the staff
"Thank you for your"

2016Also, as a result, pleased to be thank you so

Is now open in 2016...
1/1(Gold)More will be open!!
That year, appeared in new menu stand

Asagiri milk using the "Asuka pot.(Moreover, with 2 balls)

What is tamari marinated mozzarella

Professed is limited so come and visit on this occasion


It is a good year...

2015Thank you very much, thank you very much

2015And now little left for years to come.
Union building is in busy end of the year
Spring cleaning is safely over falling dirt accumulated over the past year, refreshing
And at the entrance of the building information

Is a good
I'm hand this kadomatsu, Managing Director and Mr. K

Our customers is very respectable, so please immediately taking pictures
And sales this year of the Union building is today 30, last!
Again this year, many customers came to the Park we would like coordination, is filled with gratitude
Park further enhanced next year, stay tuned!
So good all year

Tea column extra

Left by 2015, I became slightly
Are you might use the holidays this year, domestic travel, such as that?
Would also be spent at home slowly,

EspeciallyWomen who areTo want you to know
Green tea beauty lawLet me introduce it as tea column extra

(1) green tea face wash

After this is usually washing their faces on the street,Cool green teaIn the finish, you wash only
As much as possibleFuki取razu with a towel, dryingThe point

Green tea has theBeauty white vitaminAt least potency said vitamin C is included in the rich, skin whitening,
Also, astringent, so see the pores.
Bactericidal effects of catechin is furtherAcne preventionAlso helps

(2) green tea bath
Gara and wrapped in a gauze-shaped bag, for it's old and has it drink tea leaves, simply put in the tub

In the faint smell of tea to tea bathRelaxing effectAlso there
Massage your skin with the put tub tea bags,
WhenBlood circulationToo often,Skin effectAlso gives

What is the end of the year is kick in the green tea bath?

So ladies and gentlemen, a happy new year

Year-end/new year holiday notice.
12/30/2015 holidays.
1/1/2016 holidays.

Opening hours 9:30-16:30
* Every Thursday will be closed on

Fuji Park

Year-end and new year sales guidance Asagiri dairy.

Guys Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.(-Mike-)♪
And MerryChristmas.

Even recently, during the winter or sunny day!
But morning are negative, violent tornadoes since health management, 10-watch out

Recently, the staff had to diet. Be thinner in two months how many kilograms??!That confrontation, I was fine last
And I met during that period, the enzyme into smoothies, this drink with milk, tasty(Shizuoka look like say "idiot.")It is!!
Drinking milk ago dinner and got a feeling of fullness, reduces the amount of the meal...So can a diet without too much difficulty, but BBW and chubby my Smoothie with one change, I
Christmas and year-end and new year holidays and eat more so want to continue.
Maybe after you put it into smoothies in milk is a good way to drink it?

Because the nutrient-rich milk 1 cup(About 200 ml)Will try to drink
In that case come and deliciousAsagiri milkBreakfast /(・∀・)/

☆ year-end holiday sales guide stars.
1231(Wood)OnlyAbsence from work
1April 1(Gold)-Normal operation
Opening hours:9At 30 minutes from 16:30

Please note that each Studio the day trouble unlike the inconvenience.

Enjoy Christmas

Shop stuff Y h.

Tea column (2)

Well, tea column."Nutrients contained in tea (2)'It is
The last "(1) catechin" of efficacy was bactericidal and deodorizing effect and cold prevention, prevention of malnutrition,

This time
(2) where a bitter ingredient in green tea"Caffeine"The indication is

The caffeine

"The Elimination of fatigue and drowsiness.
Hangover prevention

…Such as the benefits may
Is not wanting to wake up the sleepy morning tea to drink in?

More recently,Excessive intake of caffeine is not good for the bodyAnd it also had news
More than 250 mg in one dayExcess dietary intake and woke up in the middle of the night, the

By the way150 ml green teaPerCaffeine is 30 mg.なので
Is it okay to drink 1 Cup at a time with morning, noon and night
Night less caffeine than green teaRoasted green teaTo then sleep well.

In addition, now justYear-end party seasonThe people are more and more opportunities to drink a lot of alcohol
Tea is the highDiuretic propertiesIn sometimes hazardous substance acetaldehyde exhausts to the outside of the body
No matter how fun drinking, even the next day with a hangover feel worst and not so

The same wine"Tea day"In between, orSoft drinksTo"Green tea"To or…
(Hot, dark order to put green tea and tea leaves from tea and more effect and)
Is the hangover from the effect is
Try on drinking too much.

Fuji Park

O茶ko RAM

Cold weather continues, but our celebration will be?

Now, is this tea article."The nutrients contained in tea"About
I think a little let me write you want to

First of all, tea ingredients and benefits table will be

In astringent ingredient in green tea (1)"Catechins"The indication is

Tooth decay prevention
"Antimicrobial activity"
[Deodorization effect.
"Anti-flu action.

…And she is famous

Especially this time of year in elementary school in Shizuoka Prefecture"Tea rinse"Such as in the
Cold prevention

Recently, "cancer prevention" in and announced,
Attracting attention from around the world

Like EGCG"Sunlight hits well green tea.To"More than 80 degrees hot.In the drink
You can consume a lot.
Powder type (powder)The recommended further so you can eat without leaving the tea leaves
AlsoCitrus series (mikannnado)Along with green tea and
Catechin absorption rate is about 13 times.A is said to be
Eating oranges while drinking tea in winter
It is connected to the health

In addition, I introduce other ingredients and efficacy
This cold winter warm tea and health!

Fuji Park

Buffet milk pot

12Milk pot, emerged.
Weekdays only 10 meals. The pot is no charge.

Will be available on the table and ask the customers, you want to eat.
Will no other dishes a little pot of about 15 cm in diameter, so that you don't, so don't worry!

Who order early!
In the cold morning mist had once to have milk pot
Please enjoy

Buffet restaurant Fuji I

End of new year's day…

Rain last week was amazing!
So during the colder, we catch a cold
Please click on your

Well, today Asagiri tea workshop Fuji garden
End of new year's day"New year gift"We have prepared a

Tea leaf (leaf) and the TeaBag-type 2 types.

In addition, clips can also appeared

This is the next year of the Chinese zodiac."Monkey"Japanese motif is a mini can of cigarette
You can choose from 5 different types of pink, white, blue, red, green and gold colors
Put the tea powder, such as perfect

Also here is a good luck"Dharma"The tea canister
The tea leaves are (depending on shape) 100 g

You can choose from two types of red and white
And how, during the tea canister…

EMA seal with Dharma eye seal and wish to write that can be
書ki込mimashou, your new year's resolution

Please visit the website you visit

Fuji Park

Sake, and wings West accord Festa

Is a morning mist dairy
We will be informed about the events of the weekend
Wings West accord event last month was the weather, this event alsoSilk sweet ice creamIt is a revival
I upgraded, I was Rusk
The goodness of the ice-cream with silk sweet surprised staff12Please come and eat at 12, 13, are limited, so
Silk sweet potato butter sold by street vendors

AndAsagiri butter cookiesIn stock nowHere are the most popular products, so the store can often... In a red package suitable for Christmas giftsTry to check in Asagiri butter cookies!Can cookies tasting if you're lucky.

9:30-11:00See us during the long and manufacture of milk or milk coffee
Of course, periods of other factory staff are available

This weekend is to mist milk read more
Shop staff C.K

Fuji toy

Information building shop, offers a lot of Fuji toy
Fuji motif is cute!

I also love, so will be attracted little
During season is recommended,
Lungs socks

Not only it looks cute and is an excellent item to
Back brushed, so toes are warm and cosy comfort.

Poor blood circulation better... quite recommended.
2Size, so the pair can do may
BBW or warm socks, please check it out

Union building