Tea column (3)

Has become quite cold, but everybody what you doing?

Time has passed since last year, but
O茶ko RAM"Nutrients contained in tea (3)]It is

(3) where a flavor ingredient in green tea"Theanine'About us introduction

The effect of theanine

"Improving the sensitivity to cold.
"To sleep"
"Increase the concentration.
High blood pressure prevention
"Improve the symptoms of menopause.
"Improving the premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

…Such as different

GyokuroAnd the SunCovered teaThe cause of green tea"Tencha (tenncha).Such as the
Rich contain theanine in tea leaves
Especially12 times as the green tea theanine in Matcha green teaIncludes

The main tea three"Catechins", "caffeine" and "theanine.Of the efficacy
Did you find useful?
Tea and other health and beauty regimen
Also tell about the allure of the tea would be

Students who need concentration, such as examination,
Also recently cold hands and feet, painful, difficult to fall asleep you prefer
People usually do not drink tea, good body and mind, so also look at one day Cup, drink?

Fuji Park