The weather was bad.(° Ш °;)Asagiri dairy

Hi, Asagiri milk factory is.

Rain todayIn the always higher temperatures, so it melts snow
Kotori-Chan coming to the gift shop is a little sad, but happy
Now that everyone is, in the Favorites Manager"Teke-Teke."Caracalla"Have loved and called
Come here often so try looking for

(Sorry the photo is too small.)

Of beef products today are sold in our shopNew item 2We introduce
"Acupuncture" and "mask".

I think you might get into depression in Hay now
When you do thisCow's maskYou may feel goes up a little place.
And heal daily fatigueAcupunctureAlso in stock now!
How gift for someone who you work hard... but what?

This weekend's rain SaturdayA sunny SundayThe forecast is the mountain's snowThere is also the possibility of watch out for 10 minutes, please visit

☆ weekend making plans!
30 days(Soil)
Milk, milk coffee-9:30-11:00
Cheese is in hiatus.
Milk-> 9:30-11:00
* Factory staff are engaged at all times, so please feel free to contact us
(Description of the time customer please schedule)

Shop stuff Y h.