The weather was bad.(° Ш °;)Asagiri dairy

Hi, Asagiri milk factory is.

Rain todayIn the always higher temperatures, so it melts snow
Kotori-Chan coming to the gift shop is a little sad, but happy
Now that everyone is, in the Favorites Manager"Teke-Teke."Caracalla"Have loved and called
Come here often so try looking for

(Sorry the photo is too small.)

Of beef products today are sold in our shopNew item 2We introduce
"Acupuncture" and "mask".

I think you might get into depression in Hay now
When you do thisCow's maskYou may feel goes up a little place.
And heal daily fatigueAcupunctureAlso in stock now!
How gift for someone who you work hard... but what?

This weekend's rain SaturdayA sunny SundayThe forecast is the mountain's snowThere is also the possibility of watch out for 10 minutes, please visit

☆ weekend making plans!
30 days(Soil)
Milk, milk coffee-9:30-11:00
Cheese is in hiatus.
Milk-> 9:30-11:00
* Factory staff are engaged at all times, so please feel free to contact us
(Description of the time customer please schedule)

Shop stuff Y h.

Nikuman ☆ ☆

Hi, this is Ueno confectionery Inaba.

On the calendar in the cold, increasingly sensitive to cold. Going to work in the morning in the freezing fast and less than
Hand holding the handle goes even more power.

Original meat blow cold at Ueno confectionery is sale at 120 yen.

Body and mind become a take-out, eat meat!
Meat eating while watching a nice winter views of Mt.Fuji are exceptional!

Please take a look at the Asagiri food Park.

Ueno confectionery Asagiri workshop

Weather information

Snow started to fall
Still, para-para dancing around, but from this lot is going to
Please come OPS when find with like 10 minutes!

Asagiri food Park Office

Test cheer!

While snow still melting will not fit
This weekend is forecast for snow

Click here to tea factory Fuji Park terraceSnowmanNow available!

But it is also warm the past few days and was out of shape a little bit
Also tsukurinaoseru in the snow for the weekend.

Today, a little late, butTest cheer teaIn stock now

This pattern called Maneki Neko, endearing smile of happiness
During the two contains green tea TeaBag
As gifts to the students?

In addition, year-end and new year holidays popular high snowman-shaped tea cans
We are selling so if you try pick up

Fuji Park

Snow may(^∀^)

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.

It's warm today but last snow is snow food Park
Please come to see this because it is still

Caked snow...

Saturday night also a forecast of snow, so be careful, please

Asagiri milk factory shop Y / H

It was snowing(° Оf.) Asagiri dairy

Hello, Asagiri milk factory!

Yesterday due to snowHiatus, sorry
Do in the snow, such as two years ago, was worried, but unsuccessfully in that snow.
Please there is enough snow snow
(Normal tire is dangerous)

Enjoy the snow even cow Corporation logo, Fuji Photo is

On the front of the shopKamakuraI made
Please come to be solved prior to

Shops are usually open so you please come!


Good morning!
Yesterday, Asagiri food Park area
Ferocious morning snowstorm(*_*)
Tea Studio, we were temporarily closed.

Even Mount Fuji last winter production and look rather(’-’*)
It is also forecast for snow this weekend.
139Winter car equipped with a closed issue(Studless, chain)In May is checked
During their 10-minute and careful m(__)m

Fuji Park

Asagiri milk workshop.(Б ∀ б)

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.

Falling last weekend would hope come baked and?

We did a long time pizza sales!!Cold even though, as many people visit us we appreciate your.
Thank you for
Winter Street Office is only one event per month, so please visit us please note
(Please change the subject)

12Snow was falling on the day pursue

Less snow this year, Fuji also miss.... Still roadNormal tireHowever, time

TodayAdults from Chibi gone to high popularityIt's"Coloring"Introduces the
Shop staff C-U's seasons and events to suit every handmade has given us
Things he painted the passage let got decorated. Of course in the House brought them back OK

In adults, warm slowlyHot milkBut not coloring rather kid with a drink??
I want this coloring!!Your opinion and wait

☆ weekend production Guide!
16Day(Soil)-> Milk and milk coffee(9: 30-11:00)
17Day(Day)→ milk(9: 30-11:00)The avoid the cheese(12: 00 pm-13:00When I was)
Please note that depending on production volume.
Description of how to make from time to time so please feel free to ask

Shop stuff Y h.

The first snow!

Yesterday, we had snow

Park also had slightly

Joined food Park in one year just passed
Pretty excited when last year saw the first snow in the Park
It is now better than I had imagined, shoveling snow is hard, my heart is broken, but memories
How much rain this year...
Are you excited now
Everyone stay tuned

Tea column (3)

Has become quite cold, but everybody what you doing?

Time has passed since last year, but
O茶ko RAM"Nutrients contained in tea (3)]It is

(3) where a flavor ingredient in green tea"Theanine'About us introduction

The effect of theanine

"Improving the sensitivity to cold.
"To sleep"
"Increase the concentration.
High blood pressure prevention
"Improve the symptoms of menopause.
"Improving the premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

…Such as different

GyokuroAnd the SunCovered teaThe cause of green tea"Tencha (tenncha).Such as the
Rich contain theanine in tea leaves
Especially12 times as the green tea theanine in Matcha green teaIncludes

The main tea three"Catechins", "caffeine" and "theanine.Of the efficacy
Did you find useful?
Tea and other health and beauty regimen
Also tell about the allure of the tea would be

Students who need concentration, such as examination,
Also recently cold hands and feet, painful, difficult to fall asleep you prefer
People usually do not drink tea, good body and mind, so also look at one day Cup, drink?

Fuji Park