Yesterday 23 Mt.

The weather forecastSunnyIt was in is today from the morning we a little falling sleet

This is Mt. Fuji taken yesterday at 23.

Umbrella clouds relies on clean
That is good for me getting a little sunny warm and…

If it is fine camera in one hand to Asagiri food Park!

Fuji Park

2/21st August(゜゜)♪

Guys Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.
Visitors to Mount Fuji last day event thank you
Good weather, on the first attemptThrowing riceAlso was a great success拾emasita is a shop cookie & butter candy??

And speaking of February... "Diamond Fuji"It is
Of course early this year, was taken
Was sunny, sunny mist also when company arrives halfway through thick fog was partly give
Heavy rain for Mt. Fuji is not visible but really wanted to take on the 20th...
AndFuji diamond of the year click here!!!

I shoot wield digital camera with a Smartphone in every time has no meaning...
There were a lot of photographers

Please come to see this as currently displayed in the shop
I am happy and showed us pictures of you

So this week, too!

Shop stuff Y h.

Coming soon events ヽ(゜∀゜)Bruno!

Guys Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.
On the Sunday of the week(2-21)The long-awaited event
Its name is also...
Mt. Fuji's Day Memorial eventWinter Festival"

I look forward to the cake, though, against
If no work is wanted to joinBut, having said that, and just enjoy the not so
It is likely this time, delivered 223 Yen worth of shopping coupons...(Limited quantities)

In our shop223¥-Milk softWill be available

Chocolate boobs and milk, chocolate was and topped with butter cookies.
Here223You can buy only in the circle of shopping coupons
Please note that we do not accept payments in cash

And the weekendBlue Sky kitchenAlso it will open after a long time ~

Mozzarella pizza, it's available in butter, butter chicken curry and rice, can be done also for lunch
Delicious milk soft for after dinner(400Circle)Enjoy

Please visit each workshop will enjoy events

Diamond Fuji is seen when it is
Last year was the 20 day(7 am:00Too much)The photographed at Ueno Ms. confectionery
Featured is just this weekend, so early in the morning on Asagiri-Kogen, heading toward Mt. Fuji.

Love milk Asagiri milk workshopY H


221, (Sunday), Mt Fuji day event will have Park is busy in preparing
This main event isThrow your fun rice cakeIt is
Today, the spacey to throw the cake Tower

From 11:00 and 2:00 PM throw two times
So will throw things in addition to mochi, Moony gorgeous cakes to be
221 (Sunday), Jude Park delightful holidays in holiday island Let's
Please come Association welcomes

Union building

2On July 14.

It is Valentine's day
At the information buildingHomemade hot chocolateLimited Edition for sale
Asagiri dairy milk using plenty of delicious, rich chocolate drink is

Cold is too much-not hot chocolate in the warm to will Let's

Homemade hot chocolate on sale at newsstands in front of the first parking information building
Please come Association, welcomes

Union building

Also snow(゛∀゛)♪

Hello, cold weather continues!...
The Asagiri-Kogen, yesterday also had snow
And it piles up so instinctively, is a surprise

Just the snow a little bit ago I feel that...

PM is temporarily closed due to snow, we have your annoying inconvenience so caused.
I'm sorry.

Even the cat seems wandered in the snow
Mark is so cute

Snow remains much still playable, so please your family and friends and will benefit from
Please come to our previous Kamakura became a size bigger, so come
*Forget the cold!!!Large road studless is recommended because it has frozen mornings and evenings are normal are OK but

Please see also made Valentine shop layout
This time the snow I'm sorry NetA just in

Asagiri milk workshop