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Now a few days and finally left for 3 months
Recently around noon than swathed snow and cold weather still continues.
Today was roaring sweets Festival food Park
Charly confectioneryThe later ate the yummy jelly tea
Many customers who stop by saying that
Thank you very much

Well, today in tea workshop Fuji new products now in stock
Some more popular we have
Easy to make, can be brewed teaFiltering bottles
In addition to our family, easy to carry size available

I am backRedDark greenBrownThe color development in
In addition, family-sized white in stock

From this season's cold tea brewed with spring and summer
Your home, where you can, to work for mobile?
Please visit

Fuji Park

Discover the spring!

Erratic weather temperatures change day by day,
That was at the foot of Mount Fuji this food Park is a warm spring still come?…

The discovery

At the root of the trees located throughout the food Park…


Is not unfortunately have grown edible.
Just looking at, I feel the warmth

I am looking forward to coming spring authentic
Also, in the tea factory Fuji Park is spring! Such is the new tea book now
Tea of the season this year as gifts for your friends and your family, and your reward?
We are waiting for you

Fuji Park


Nowadays feel spring in the budding of the trees is in hood Park 3/26 (Saturday) sponsored by Ueno confectionery candy Festival of spring will hold
Speaking of spring, the Sakura yokan sakuramochiMe feel thrilled, pink candy, aloneI've always been development in recently, 26, limited edition, fruitchoco

The aroma of sweet chocolate spreads during the workshop.
Sweet chocolate is perfectly well with fruit
On the day you wish it can also fondue by myselfIn addition, cookies, drawing experiences and
Is sure to be a fun event because it sells no sweets for the new
Stay tuned ~

Asagiri food Park Office

It is snow ~(℃゜)♪

Hi, Asagiri milk factory is.
TodaySnow is falling.
I get back to normal soon!... and were so friendly

Moderate snow play much much appreciated!

Introduce effects to the health of milk today

Today's topic is...
"Drinking milk and relieve constipation!!'It is.

It is now know that various nutrients in the milk?
In one of them"Lactose nyuutou"But he said there is
This is"Warms up the intestinal environment"It is an amazing nutrients
For this reason,Constipation effectYou can expect!!!
In addition to theYou can improve the skin irritation caused by constipation,Because the birds are

Note "Lactose intolerance lactose Nyuutou pig slurries ' of drinking milk less enzymes to break down this lactose "lactase" that is so so easy to smash belly. Also,Okay, keep warm and drinkThere are those who

I also improved the condition of the stomach, constipation, decreased sharply and the skin
ReallyThanks to milkです

Everyone new lifeFor looks, as well asPrepared from the intestinesMake sure good new start cuts

Delicious "Asagiri milk"We have since comeAsagiri food ParkTo visit us

Weekend of limited sales "Asagiri Kogen sky kitchen"That will be open this weekend

Everyone a good weekend...

Shop stuff Y h.

Soon white(́з ')~♪

Hello is the Asagiri milk workshop
More and more in the spring has been become cheerful and pleasant.

Now,White day is this month
Many people got a lot friend chocolate, chocolate, favorite chocolate... is not it?
(Incidentally, my favorite chocolate(>∀<)Didn't I want to say is, I give oneWe had three)

Uraha talk to... give back our very popularButter cookiesThe??

Sticking pumpkin in luxury hand-made butter cookies
Is safe and uses made of flour, eggs

10Pieces ¥ 1296

5Pieces ¥ 648

Return to loved ones.Special delicious foodCome
Will be available also packaged so please come

And,Weekend sales stalls so please come visit

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