Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.
Posted this in a while
Today pretty warm, and often scantily-clad customers, staff, reserve only dust are sweating pretty

Streamer is built in hood Park, more like spring has been
Irasshaimasu lot of Mt. Fuji with streamers shooting with photographer

Phlox also begins this weekend, so please bring your camera, please also Asagiri food Park

Now we introduce health benefits of milk
Milk "Sleep effects"(Improvement in insomnia)!!

Be made in the human bodyNeurotransmitter "serotonin"Things that areTo demonstrate the effect on sleepSaid material.
In the milk of"Tryptophan" to produce the "serotonin"But from the many thatSleep effectsIs said to be

Also included in the milkPotentially quell the feeling "calcium"The synergistic effect will be that the good night's sleep can be expected it.

I'm not who starts a new life, from lack of sleep, are in trouble??
So when you come and drink milk, ensure a comfortable sleep
85Asagiri milk ° C for 15 seconds using a sterilization, flavour and sweetness of the milk taste, so come try drinking

Will stall sales weekend so stay tuned
* Butter Chicken curry rice is not sold.