6/26(Day)The event is.!!!

Hello is the Asagiri milk workshop

This weekend(26Day)The Mt. Fuji world heritage registration Memorial event you've been waiting for
They say is the centerpiece of this "throw rice".
Ladies and gentlemen, non-injured as desperate, please pick up your cake

And in Asagiri milk factory holds the original event from that milk monthly, June
So for the first time in trial and enjoy preparing

First 20 limited ' can join in horseshoes, bowling

Ring toss

Exhibition of milking experience

We better hope only, so please come visit

For the summer!

Japan tea brewed with CHOW in ease and style
Is the most popular filtering bottle gift set

And filtering bottles (you can choose from four colors of brown / green / red/white)
Our popular No.1Of on rather's deep brown one with roasting packs 4

At home, invite your friends to a tea party
Take a look at
Number * please note that as long as there are

In addition, the 6/19Father's day
With appreciation, gifts of tea?

Recommended is here "with Tartary buckwheat lucrative yukata.
And rutin are about 100 times more usual and buckwheat in the Tartars from
Excellent effect in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, such as high blood pressure

When you visit please refer

Fuji Park

Blooming flowers

In June, the sunlight is increasingly the Asagiri food Park
Fuji Park before the tea factory of…

OrangeThe pretty flowers are blooming
California poppy (California poppy)Flower said.

Let's get the honeyBeeMr. also appeared

Asagiri food Park is lush nature, trees, plants and flowers is of course in the insect's cozy seems good…
* Visit theBug spray, etc.Of * please reserve

Fuji Park