Fuji positive summer recommended Japanese sake!

Hello! It is a Fuji plus brewing Asagiri warehouse.

Morning mist is like finally summer!
It is muggy and hot sunshine, occasionally breeze could feel.
Especially under the eaves of the Fuji positive is the best!

Fuji positive summer recommended the introduction instruments

Annual revenues three years standings
Of here!
[Limited critical]

Fuji positive summer events!
I have to have this summer is harsh! It is often said that
Dark dry 20 degrees proof "liquor", kick ass taste.
Sake no punch? Let me say that I- 
Drinking shochu become husband, but that will surely be satisfied.
As a souvenir of the summer would you like?
Please purchase at your earliest convenience so here will be sold by the end of August
720ml ¥ 1350 (tax included)
1.8L ¥ 2592 (tax included)

And here's a limited edition wine this year alone!
(The summer malts homare Fuji junmai ginjo student storage limited)

The daiginjo junmai homare Fuji sake rice grew up in Fujinomiya sourced using a neat finish.
A fruity fragrance is perfect for women who
In a transparent bottle of Blue label is cool.
こちらはLastsAnd will be
720ml size is becoming smaller.
720ml ¥ 1750 (tax included)
1.8L ¥ 3150 (tax included)

82008 annual"Mistress sweet Suites" seriesStart
This year"Chilled milk sweet" "sweet downstairs.In addition to the
"Sweet Poker ice.Is under development
Amazake sake Lees & shaved ice like youPlease come to eat!

8Months waiting for you.

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