Introduction of popular products.

Hi the Office food Park is Thursday
Fuji's character was born in the so-called "Fuji of the Elves got" is do you know?
Mt. head is shiny Puni body live at the foot of Mt. Fuji are impressive, ElvesIt is just watching and smiling lovely yuru Chara
Information building shop is "Fuji of the Elves he" specializes in collectibles
Most popular T shirts kids size so parent and child matching the wear is recommended.

Shizuoka Prefecture beef of refreshing Ponzu sauce

Buffet restaurant Fuji's.
Our popular menu, Shizuoka, beef with Ponzu sauce is a refreshing
Shizuoka beef same-cum cream topped with plenty of onions simmer about 3 hours, carefully selected and OBA leaves onions or
Vinegared flavoured with dare is popular in the elderly.

Will each offer once per hour for much better suited perfectly for popular menu
Summer menu.


You guys Hello!
This week the Asagiri milk factory is responsible for

Summer has arrived!In the Park every day is
In our day,Since the passage of the factory has a staff production(How to make a milk)You can explain
How to help with research, come "taste of the Asagiri milk secret" theme would love to?

In the shopMilk, milk coffee, ice creamMy stomach is satisfactory because it sells

OutsideAsagiri Kogen sky kitchen is August with limited dailyAm

* Outdoor sales because depending on the weather and time zone hours and sells things might change, so for more information please contact Asagiri dairy

In front of the shop staff hand-made face framed Panel was born!!

It is a new shooting spot

Looking forward to meet you tomorrow
Food Park will benefit from Asagiri milk factory, by all means please

In August!!

In August, the sunlight is stronger now.
Hot weather continues…

Asagiri food Park, weekend 8/6 events will be held
Organises stage events as well as interest and time haze carried over OPS please.

Asagiri OCHA-Kobo, our ever-popular summerBrewed tea coldAlso sells

Enjoy the mellow, sweet green tea

Fuji Park