This weekend's events!!

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.(゜∀゜)

At last from this weekend "Asagiri-Kogen Festival" begins
10/1,2The event at Asagiri food Park, so please come

"From Asagiri milk workshop special announcements]

Renewed popular Asagiri butter
Asagiri milk workshopPresaleEngaged in
Containers and price is a renewalAnd very affordable now
Taste remains(Contents are intact.)

Closer to Asagiri butterNow feel, so come enjoy foot shop

It is built up slowly and produce

*To note that there is limited.

Weekend weather is a concern, but please come to Asagiri food Park

[Breaking news] Fuji 山初 snow!

Yesterday was a storm of rain and Thunder…

What this morning, Fuji 山初 snow!
This year earlier than usual.

Now the clouds and look, the sky seems to fine
In the morning and by noon you can see Mt. Fuji slightly covered with snow.…I wonder?
Forecast for higher temperatures, so could possibly melt
A camera in one hand to hood Park!

Fuji Park

Really feels like autumn!

At the end of September, was followed by the cooler,
To Asagiri food Park stay coming and bring things like wear one when the OPS can tackle steep temperature differential
Please note especially from early afternoon to early evening pretty cold will

In our shop, Asagiri tea factory body warms,Roasted green teaRecommend are

* And of course cold also delicious!
The tea is called the rod"Stem"The roasted using the part is
I'm very good scent.
So less caffeine than green tea is safe in children

Fuji Park


This week's blog will be responsible for Ueno confectionery.
Now the heat is called Equinox and cold
Much autumn has come ★
With a rookie just balanced in Ueno confectionery Asagiri workshop
It sells Ohagi, Daifuku, and rice cakes.

Rice mochi is fresh, stronger aroma, sweetness.
Of course rice so hot sticky rice flavor is excellent!

Please enjoy the luxuries, only this time!

Anyway also gifts for product announcements

Potato factory shells mites.

In September, followed by a rainy day celebration would be?
Developed from the summer gift set is now available!

For more information"Anyway also blog.Please visit

Fuji positive autumn of recommended Japanese sake!

Hello! It is a Fuji plus brewing Asagiri warehouse.

Asagiri Kogen is a cool fall breeze blows.
A cold way back when, today? I think looking at RTE 139 thermometer
Whopping 18 degrees...I have become more cold in short sleeves.
Keep visiting next weekend to GO OUT CAMP clothes care.

9Released on April 1And introduce the autumn limited edition wine.

[Special saketasting down]

It is the only tasty at room temperature the autumn limited sake.

“Critical grated”And the liquor made in the winter and once burning sterilization and storage
Says that alcohol shipped in the fall over the summer.
Sold as such remains "critical (sake)", so "critical down" and referred to.

1Once-burning more than six months storage → second burning, without first raw Pack
Because students stuffed least known.

Since the holding of the yeast in winter to burning,
Gentle aging progresses, so will fall on taste is alcohol.

This critical graters can be enjoyed in the age with a little 少し で 若 め 軽い and light taste.
Disguise oneself by drinking temperatureSo,
[Cold paint 燗 sake]Also try and amusing!

Who care about here is finish lasts, so hurry in!
720ml ¥ 1404 (tax included)
1.8L ¥ 3130 (tax included)

In addition, most popular[Limited critical]Is popular with each
9Sale has been extended until the end of the month!

I wanted to buy from! Rather, respect for the aged day in
I wanted to drink Grandpa's! How to say!
Now is your chance!
9Separated without losing their inventory until the end of the month.

Only this year's limited edition wine
(The summer malts homare Fuji junmai ginjo student storage limited)は、
And the number has decreased steadilyThe rest justWe become.

I want! You say soon.
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Events are scheduled this weekend, so
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So can I get food this week

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