Speaking of October…

In October!!
Today and tomorrow is an event that today some rain…
Please bring rain gear, jackets, etc. When you go out!

Well, speaking of October…
HalloweenIt is!
And 10/31 and 11/1 on the tea as well!
1192(0/1191)From October 31, Eisai, founder of the Rinzai sect and returned from the song brought back tea seeds and manufacturing method
The 10/31"Japan tea day"And has been.

Asagiri tea factory as a harrowing PCI events
Big"Ghost pumpkins.Now available!

So are distributing leaflets at the entrance of the ghost's pumpkin"Your face""Your name"I give him a
One Grand Prize, idea awards five to present you will receive
Presents11/1It's"Tea day""Tea day"Commemorate the
Fuji Park originalJapanese tea "Matcha IRI genmaicha" has become fun gifts
Please come and join the Association for

Also, before preparing for the hay fever season, very popular."Popular"The leaf type in stock now!

Be sure to quit!