Flowers are blooming!

Today's morningRain & wind
Please come OPS customer you also gone fishing outfit is
Finally this week isTemperatures below 10 ° c.To be feeling

We, Asagiri OCHA-KoboAroma and taste of teathe
In addition, background musicMusic boxHealing and the atmosphere
Such healing elements also joined one here

Blooming flowers were brought up in the shop

So from a-go!, and the occasional swaying and wobbling pretty
Try looking on will be put in place on the inside of

By the way…

Will using a teapot instead of bowls,

Fuji Park

Tuesday is the Asagiri tea factory in charge of Fuji orchard.

Experience a tea workshop
Popular MyBrand tea experience‼️
You seriously listen to the description of the tea, one types while the tea leaves to see and smell
And imagine the scene
In the world one MyBrand tee
We blend.

Beef stew

Buffet restaurant Fuji's.
Is the introduction of our ever-popular Super good source of beef stew
Until soft about Shizuoka shoulder roast red meat, Guinea fowl and undo in the mouth 3-has boiled four hours

Winter cold Asagiri-Kogen in people without the Viking, high-quality, very popular menu.
When you visit us at breakfast

Issho-Chan and Wang!

Guests who visit us just one of her too so we have a photo shoot

For the first timeSnowShower hoes are loth girls Layla-CHAN
Two shot and Mt. Fuji, was decided the sitting pose cute

Tea is for sunny weather relief
Terrace one neatly together are available

Come again!

Fuji Park

It has snowed!

Rapidly cools the very recent Asagiri food Park last year slightly ahead of time it has snowed

Mt. Fuji as well as the top and bottom are slightly covered with snow
Forecast and temperatures a little rise today because too little snow melts?
In the snow while creating a way snow play…

Still murmuring is hard to make a snowman!
I tried making the form
Do you see anything?

The correct answer is

Identification by adults!…The going
The food Park will benefit from snow play, try it ~

* We make slippery ground, and snow and icicles from the roof, etc. Please note *

Fuji Park

Responsible for the Tuesday Asagiri is a tea factory Fuji Park.


The autumn tint of Asagiri food Park in a tea factory Fuji ParkRedー.

Most. Tea mature in autumn and mild flavor.
On the school NO1's deep steamed tea, Japanese tea, roast sought in spiced flavours of freshly roasted tea, recommended, etc right now.
But tea is relieved.

For detailsClick hereTo!

Fuji Park

Tuesday is responsible for tea workshop Fuji Park

So the leaves of maple, maple, oak, Zelkova, enkianthus Asagiri food Park‼️‼️‼️
Addition of Mt. Fuji, come early!‼️
Free tastings and Japanese tea and cold tea workshop Fuji Park, relieved to have-to.
It is slightly sweet tea and mellow.


NowThe first snowThe?

Yesterday rain & had a wonder filled with fog mist food Park
Today is a fine autumn day.
Food Park in Maple, gradually have been colored red, clean

Walking day
Please come Association welcomes

Fuji Park

Tuesday is the Asagiri tea factory in charge of Fuji orchard.

Today, it's fine. The best weather.
Tea Studio Fuji Park, October 28.29.30, ion Fujinomiya shop food stores very popular Rod Brown stuffed with unlimited in limited quantities held.
Soon as possible please. Coriander than aired on NHK
Antioxidant activity of tea is very healthy drink.

Pork skin diet

Asagiri yoghurt pig's meat shop(T)Use(Barbecued pork's photos)
This pork fat is.
Contains more Omega-3 fatty acids lower cholesterol, triglycerides and regulate blood pressure, diet and skin effect can be expected
Omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods
• Blue fish
• Vegetables
◆ bean
• Perilla oil
• Perilla oil
• Too much to the oil
• Walnut
◆ Chia seeds

More about yoghurt pig ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
Gitogito oil grows in a yogurt-like fermented food and scolded, even not! and there sweet and fluffy!
Many contain polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce blood cholesterol, fat further.
Raised in a yogurt-like fermented, using a safe feeding of domestic food
So no use of drugs such as antibiotics in healthy pigs raised in the digestion of food and excellent safety.