Asagiri milk workshop event announcements(゜∀゜)

Hi, Asagiri milk factory is.
Announcement of the event

22009ImportFor Valentine's day.
ThereforeWe plan Valentine's day events in Asagiri milk workshop
Entitled..."KY love on Valentine's dayIt is!!

* Date:2017On February 11.(Soil)The 12(Day)
* Time:10 am:30~ The 2:00 PM ~
* Number of persons:Each 15 limited(Telephone reservations accepted TEL:0544-52-0333)
* The amount:800(Tax included) Pay packages also available
* Location:Asagiri food Park inAsagiri milk workshop
* Contents:
Spaghetti with butter AsagiriCookiesCandyRuskChoose the liked it and then taste a thing, we will create an assortment.
Make your own gift wrapping and greeting card options, so I'm
Who has become a cherished husband and lover, I think while it isLoveFull 詰me込mimashou

For more information, please see the flyer

Continue going up event information from time to time, so please check blog, Facebook!

New red rice buns Red Fuji

Hello ♪ Ueno confectionery Asagiri Atelier ☆彡

Announcement of the Ueno confectionery products,

Bun wrapped in glutinous rice grew up at the foot of Mount Fuji in red "Red Fuji".

Slightly sweet and Red put Sesame salt

Ueno confectionery Asagiri Studio limited edition it is!One on sale at 250 Yen

Please take a look at Asagiri food Park

Homemade barbecued pork strewn with delicious fried rice

Delicious fried scarmoza Asagiri yoghurt pigs homemade barbecued pork

The taste of barbecued pork with plenty of gravy sauce!
In classic menu, not the lucky menus.
Hall staff shigemura push menu.

Take a look at breakfast