Asagiri milk workshop event!

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.(゜∀゜)

This weekend(11On Sunday, 12,)The original event will be held!!
One love for the White"It is

Time: 10:30 ~ the 14:00 PM ~The 2 times, about an hour's time.
Each 15 persons at a timePlan to attend

So a white dayButter candyAnd the cookies and biscuits put together.
Valentine's day event last month as well as wrapping can be free to choose

And this time!
Those who attended theUsing butter candy candyWe present

This time, candy will be stuffed, bottle of your choice
Should surely delight because it can be used after you have finished eating.

Well this cute bucket

Because the white event is perfect as a giftYou can even join us for girls
Please book in advance

Your participation and look forward to