Summer Food Park.

Are you after a long time ^ ^
Asagiri food Park Office is.

The summer vacation is what you doing?.
Asagiri food Park summer's thanks
Gallivare( *Be Eulalia ')
Just a little bit to introduce not that listens!

8/5,6"No. 1 once dronesummerfesta! "
Skip the drone

Motorcycle ride

Horsie rides

In addition to stage and
Somen, was a great climax.

8/20The warehouse concert

Enveloped in the smell of liquor a nice 30 minutes!

8/24The Taiwan well known Braga-just please come please park was.

Each workshop, and is enjoyed.

Events will be held also fall Asagiri food Park
It is sure fun to ^ ^
Sequentially updated event information.
Please look forward to(#^.^#)