Autumn event Roundup!

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Asagiri food Park Office.(#^.^#)

And once again the Asagiri food Park
Introducing autumn events!

-9/30(Soil)"Mt. Fuji foot music festival.

-10/1(Day)"Asagiri-Kogen Festival opening fest.

-10/8(Day)Asagiri tea
* Rain postponement 10/14

-10/21(Soil)-10/22(Day)Cyclo-Mt. Fuji

* 10/21(Soil)-10/22(Day)Drone aerodrome is not permitted.

10Saturday and Sunday do mochi in confectionery sweets Koubou Ueno weekly throughout the month!
You can purchase rice-cakes( *Be Eulalia ')

' Please come forward sincerely Park!