A happy new year.

A happy new year!
During the last year received give me your extraordinary kindness, thank you.
Thank you again this year for our support.

Well, shogatsu Asagiri food Park, special new year thank you very much!
Every year an annualAsagiri dairyOf the 100 Cup limitedHot oneIt is(*́Д ')
Customers to see the sunrise at Asagiri food Park swamp 山go old park was.
Thank you ♪

また、Fuji positive alcohol manufacturingBut new year's day than in 200 limited"Tank mouth pinch special junmai unfiltered NAMA genshu.I was sold!
For detailsFuji's shopBlogPlease visit(*'Inspection')

Of course the information kiosks even had Ueno confectionery handmade love sales and sales of the bags!

Bags still only a little stock. Kids would you like?

Now, over new year's mood well, March 30 is the beginning of the year event "dondoyaki! "
1/13(Soil)11:00~ * Rain postponement 1/14(Day)
We look forward very much!