2/24(Soil)Rodents have

Sunday's Office.

2/23(Gold)The "day of Mt. Fuji".
The food Park in Mt. Fuji very helped me....
So, the other day, I wrote about the
2/24(Soil)TheFuji anniversary events throw rice "
So do I!
"Fuji's day is 2/23.(Gold)That is the
"Throw rice" is2/24(Soil)So sorry no thank you!
Morning session:11:00~
Afternoon session:13:00~

And the chance to win luxury goods workshop
Ueno confectionery delicious rice cake,
The children candy to throw in something
Would you believe it! Would you believe it!
Free of chargeIt is!

Please, take a look at the...
With a little good...
When you leave please shop at each Studio lol

And last year to little I and introduction!

Small and invisible leprosy is on Mt. Fuji
Throwing rice is the food Park
The greatest peopleIt is!
Love is like having fun!
Let's hope day! lol

So, it's 2/24(Soil)Staff members of your coming garden
Mind to find awaits you.
* Rain postponed 2/25()It comes to.