Report of the GOOUT and GW event announcements

All greetings(‘ω’)Bruno
Asagiri food Park Office is.
Even though yesterday was equally warm in short-sleeved
Today we had fog and cold. Miss heattech.
GW weather like so fun, isn't it?!

Well, the other dayGOOUTJAMBOREEでは
Many customers in your coming garden thank you very much thank you very much.
Try opening night Asagiri food Park each workshop also
Helpful staff, stylish, have a good time!
Asagiri dairy industry executive at Fuji Yamamoto hongu Asama Taisha twice
So "clear" and the like who go to pray
Unfortunately the weather was...((+_+))Lol.
Next time ask for holding! God!

Night is also a nice atmosphere!

And! Soon! GW!
Just think I come your lot, and exciting.
There are various Asagiri food Park events(#^.^#)

The event brought together

Customers who say fresh tea buds tempura is delicious on IG
Are you! Thank you very much!

Dalmatians-Chan gathered related shops about 20 stores won't-be.

With full of fun GW "Asagiri food Park.
Staff please come garden with forward sincerely.