This summer recommended to the Secretariat staff, cold delicious food we

It became a blog in a while.
Is followed by a hot day is how you spend?
Also the Asagiri plateau暑いIs the customer "Nice and cool and come here."
Could you please let me know and(*’▽’)
Please take a look at the summer resort, Asagiri food Park ★
Heat-are there a lot of things in the summer, cold and delicious!

(1) first of all! When you come on the Asagiri plateau gratuity!
Of milk Studios mist dairies "Asagiri milk soft"

Asagiri milk with plentySpecial soft serve ice creamIt is.
Really special is the feeling.

(2) tea factory Fuji Park "Soft serve ice cream sprinkled with homemade green tea powder"

"This tea soft first! I ate it-.-! "And
Tea! It is very popular(*^-^*)

(3) nor Studio anyway mites "Topped with purple potato ice cream sweet potato chips"

Love the sweet potato it is irresistible! Sweet potato ice cream.
Floors are outstanding.

(4) candy workshop Ueno confectionery "Yoshinoya's plum juice"

Yoshino-San made one? I wanted more. President of Ueno confectionery.(#^.^#)
Really tasty plum juice! The Secretariat staff is waiting!

(5) Japanese sake Kura Fuji plus brewing "Chilled milk sweet"

* Because there weren't any pictures you draw and sign cat 2 shots in
You can see the two shots if you're lucky.
Asagiri dairy delicious milk and
Delicious sweet Fuji positive alcohol manufacturing collaboration(*-Omega-)
It is recommended.

More than the food Park Office to suggest
Delicious food this summer(Drink)It was us.
Summer events!
Please come forward sincerely Park.