Anyway also after 10 days until the sweet potato Festival.

Asagiri food Park
From the tea factory Fuji Garden Hello.

11January 10.11
Sweet potato factory shells mite to the sweet potato Festival

After 10 days‼❗

1In the annual Thanksgiving day to be.

Sunny Asagiri plateau.

Yesterday, out of this world! Sunny Asagiri plateau???
Also cites from the lava tree mold is available to clean /(^^)
There is a good thing-in ★

Lunch on the terrace of the restaurant is good, anyway mites of staff being shaken in a hammock is a pleasant drone flight nice weather!


Yesterday the typhoon, we did not damage?(>_<)あさぎりフードパークのある富士宮市は、昨日、避難勧告が発令されました?パーク内は写真の通り、木が折れたり、倒れたりしています。g>Now for the dog Park fence broken, not available. Please note that the inconvenience any inconvenience until the recovery is.

All workshops and restaurants open well, today at the beautiful Mt.Fuji???Please come, please take care of yourself for garden?

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This summer recommended to the Secretariat staff, cold delicious food we

It became a blog in a while.
Is followed by a hot day is how you spend?
Also the Asagiri plateau暑いIs the customer "Nice and cool and come here."
Could you please let me know and(*'Inspection')
Please take a look at the summer resort, Asagiri food Park ★
Heat-are there a lot of things in the summer, cold and delicious!

(1) first of all! When you come on the Asagiri plateau gratuity!
Of milk Studios mist dairies "Asagiri milk soft"

Asagiri milk with plentySpecial soft serve ice creamIt is.
Really special is the feeling.

(2) tea factory Fuji Park "Soft serve ice cream sprinkled with homemade green tea powder"

"This tea soft first! I ate it-.-! "And
Tea! It is very popular(*^-^*)

(3) nor Studio anyway mites "Topped with purple potato ice cream sweet potato chips"

Love the sweet potato it is irresistible! Sweet potato ice cream.
Floors are outstanding.

(4) candy workshop Ueno confectionery "Yoshinoya's plum juice"

Yoshino-San made one? I wanted more. President of Ueno confectionery.(#^.^#)
Really tasty plum juice! The Secretariat staff is waiting!

(5) Japanese sake Kura Fuji plus brewing "Chilled milk sweet"

* Because there weren't any pictures you draw and sign cat 2 shots in
You can see the two shots if you're lucky.
Asagiri dairy delicious milk and
Delicious sweet Fuji positive alcohol manufacturing collaboration(*-Omega-)
It is recommended.

More than the food Park Office to suggest
Delicious food this summer(Drink)It was us.
Summer events!
Please come forward sincerely Park.

Fuji Doggie visitors participating in Marche

It is a food Park Office.

The other day I was very popular last year"Mt. Fuji Doggie Marche"It's
I talked and decided the place where
There are plenty of dog lovers from our inquiry.
The details of the eventClick hereFrom the Please!
And while most of
"Close to the dogs do not stay and accommodation? "
Rather and inquiry is.

Therefore! Therefore! Food Park Office
Recommended near the dog introduce accommodations and friendly!

By car from Asagiri food Park.
About 15 minutesIt'sSee ASAGIRI Field DogsGarden.Like
Dog park was built here Dalmatians-CHAN's dining is also available.
Morning to GO to the dog park! You can also!(#^.^#)
Dalmatians-Chan liked friendly staff will welcome you're ★
Reservations and inquiries, please see the home page.

Next in line is by car from Asagiri food ParkApproximately 20 minutesIt'sVacation Village FujiLike
Also located on the banks of Lake Tanuki, overlooking the beautiful Mt. Fuji
Accommodation is famous as it is.

Our dog guests and main, not available in the cottage.
Lake Tanuki, Dalmatians and is nice for a walk(◇)
I also walking her dog well bother you.

Local citizens is 1 degree hotel you want to stay!
Reservations and inquiries please see the home page.

More featured accommodation we could(*’ω’*)
Fuji Doggie Marche is a very popular event.
Accommodation as the rooms are limited so
We recommend booking early.

In addition, from Asagiri food ParkApprox. 50 minutesThe Lake Kawaguchi
Around Dalmatians and budget accommodation there is a person
You have time to spare, please consider a try?.
Then 8 / 25・8 / 26 a lot of dog properly to look forward to seeing you!

Cherry blossom season has arrived!

Sunday is responsible for the Secretariat of food Park.
In the day's March
Asagiri-Kogen, was hit by a Blizzard.
I wonder if any tire can normal.
But slowly warm up to cherry blossom viewing season
It seems that there has been(#^.^#)

The information store also
Cherry productsBought lots!
Among the recommendedUeno confectioneryIt's
"Cherry jelly! "

Irresistible, mouth full spread aroma of cherry blossoms!
Cherry jelly to eat in one bite, 150 yen.(Tax included)It is!
Draw at Fuji positive alcohol manufacturingAlso love it!

Other packages so Kawa(・∀・)II!!
Many cherry blossom sweets available now-do.

Limited time offer!Because it is a
Everyone like early to please come please park.( '-Be)Bruno
Please come forward sincerely Park.

A happy new year.

A happy new year!
During the last year received give me your extraordinary kindness, thank you.
Thank you again this year for our support.

Well, shogatsu Asagiri food Park, special new year thank you very much!
Every year an annualAsagiri dairyOf the 100 Cup limitedHot oneIt is(*́Д ')
Customers to see the sunrise at Asagiri food Park swamp 山go old park was.
Thank you ♪

また、Fuji positive alcohol manufacturingBut new year's day than in 200 limited"Tank mouth pinch special junmai unfiltered NAMA genshu.I was sold!
For detailsFuji's shopブログPlease visit(*'Inspection')

Of course the information kiosks even had Ueno confectionery handmade love sales and sales of the bags!

Bags still only a little stock. Kids would you like?

Now, over new year's mood well, March 30 is the beginning of the year event "dondoyaki! "
1/13(Soil)11:00~ * Rain postponement 1/14()
We look forward very much!

Introduction of popular products.

Hi the Office food Park is Thursday
Fuji's character was born in the so-called "Fuji of the Elves got" is do you know?
Mt. head is shiny Puni body live at the foot of Mt. Fuji are impressive, ElvesIt is just watching and smiling lovely yuru Chara
Information building shop is "Fuji of the Elves he" specializes in collectibles
Most popular T shirts kids size so parent and child matching the wear is recommended.


Nowadays feel spring in the budding of the trees is in hood Park 3/26 (Saturday) sponsored by Ueno confectionery candy Festival of spring will hold
Speaking of spring, the Sakura yokan sakuramochiMe feel thrilled, pink candy, aloneI've always been development in recently, 26, limited edition, fruitchoco

The aroma of sweet chocolate spreads during the workshop.
Sweet chocolate is perfectly well with fruit
On the day you wish it can also fondue by myselfIn addition, cookies, drawing experiences and
Is sure to be a fun event because it sells no sweets for the new
Stay tuned ~

Asagiri food Park Office


221, (Sunday), Mt Fuji day event will have Park is busy in preparing
This main event isThrow your fun rice cakeIt is
Today, the spacey to throw the cake Tower

From 11:00 and 2:00 PM throw two times
So will throw things in addition to mochi, Moony gorgeous cakes to be
221 (Sunday), Jude Park delightful holidays in holiday island Let's
Please come Association welcomes

Union building