Asagiri milk workshop event!

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.(゜∀゜)

This weekend(11On Sunday, 12,)The original event will be held!!
"One love for the White"It is

Time: 10:30 ~ the 14:00 PM ~The 2 times, about an hour's time.
Each 15 persons at a timePlan to attend

So a white dayButter candyAnd the cookies and biscuits put together.
Valentine's day event last month as well as wrapping can be free to choose

And this time!
Those who attended theUsing butter candy candyWe present

This time, candy will be stuffed, bottle of your choice
Should surely delight because it can be used after you have finished eating.

Well this cute bucket

Because the white event is perfect as a giftYou can even join us for girls
Please book in advance

Your participation and look forward to

Valentine's day events ♪ Asagiri milk workshop

Asagiri milk workshop.(゜∀゜)

It was snowing! ~
Come this weekend, to playing in the snow!

And... I'mValentine's day eventWill be held
As mentioned previously, will create an assortment

We will introduce a basket item

First, popular "Butter cookies"

30% of the dough with butter it is ♪ luxury too right?

Next in line is high among men 'Butter Rusk"

Using both the milk and butter. Light melts in your mouth, not too sweet is good

And, clear and sweet 'Butter candy"

Try these, you can create a personalized gifts
Valentine's day, as well asAnd that is very much in the souvenir for your friends??
Couples are also welcome

Reception is available, so come join us
Get one either milk or milk coffee

Asagiri milk factory original eventSo, definitely not. We will implement in the milk factory

Asagiri milk workshop event announcements(゜∀゜)

Hi, Asagiri milk factory is.
Announcement of the event

22009ImportFor Valentine's day.
ThereforeWe plan Valentine's day events in Asagiri milk workshop
Entitled..."KY love on Valentine's day"です!!

* Date:2017年2月11日(Soil)The 12()
* Time:10 am:30~ The 2:00 PM ~
* Number of persons:Each 15 limited(Telephone reservations accepted TEL:0544-52-0333)
* The amount:800Circle(Tax included) Pay packages also available
* Location:Asagiri food Park inAsagiri milk workshop
* Contents:
Spaghetti with butter AsagiriCookiesCandyRuskChoose the liked it and then taste a thing, we will create an assortment.
Make your own gift wrapping and greeting card options, so I'm
Who has become a cherished husband and lover, I think while it isLoveFull 詰me込mimashou

For more information, please see the flyer

Continue going up event information from time to time, so please check blog, Facebook!

This weekend's events!!

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.(゜∀゜)

At last from this weekend "Asagiri-Kogen Festival" begins
10/1,2The event at Asagiri food Park, so please come

"From Asagiri milk workshop special announcements]

Renewed popular Asagiri butter
Asagiri milk workshopPresaleEngaged in
Containers and price is a renewalAnd very affordable now
Taste remains(Contents are intact.)

Closer to Asagiri butterNow feel, so come enjoy foot shop

It is built up slowly and produce

To note that there is limited.

Weekend weather is a concern, but please come to Asagiri food Park


You guys Hello!
This week the Asagiri milk factory is responsible for

Summer has arrived!In the Park every day is
In our day,Since the passage of the factory has a staff production(How to make a milk)You can explain
How to help with research, come "taste of the Asagiri milk secret" theme would love to?

In the shopMilk, milk coffee, ice creamMy stomach is satisfactory because it sells

OutsideAsagiri Kogen sky kitchen is August with limited dailyAm

* Outdoor sales because depending on the weather and time zone hours and sells things might change, so for more information please contact Asagiri dairy

In front of the shop staff hand-made face framed Panel was born!!

It is a new shooting spot

Looking forward to meet you tomorrow
Food Park will benefit from Asagiri milk factory, by all means please

6/26()The event is.!!!

Hello is the Asagiri milk workshop

This weekend(26)The Mt. Fuji world heritage registration Memorial event you've been waiting for
They say is the centerpiece of this "throw rice".
Ladies and gentlemen, non-injured as desperate, please pick up your cake

And in Asagiri milk factory holds the original event from that milk monthly, June
So for the first time in trial and enjoy preparing

First 20 limited ' can join in horseshoes, bowling

Ring toss

Exhibition of milking experience

We better hope only, so please come visit


Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.
Posted this in a while
Today pretty warm, and often scantily-clad customers, staff, reserve only dust are sweating pretty

Streamer is built in hood Park, more like spring has been
Irasshaimasu lot of Mt. Fuji with streamers shooting with photographer

Phlox also begins this weekend, so please bring your camera, please also Asagiri food Park

Now we introduce health benefits of milk
Milk "Sleep effects"(Improvement in insomnia)!!

Be made in the human bodyNeurotransmitter "serotonin"Things that areTo demonstrate the effect on sleepSaid material.
In the milk of"Tryptophan" to produce the "serotonin"But from the many thatSleep effectsIs said to be

Also included in the milkPotentially quell the feeling "calcium"The synergistic effect will be that the good night's sleep can be expected it.

I'm not who starts a new life, from lack of sleep, are in trouble??
So when you come and drink milk, ensure a comfortable sleep
85Asagiri milk ° C for 15 seconds using a sterilization, flavour and sweetness of the milk taste, so come try drinking

Will stall sales weekend so stay tuned
* Butter Chicken curry rice is not sold.

Also snow(゛∀゛)♪

Hello, cold weather continues!...
The Asagiri-Kogen, yesterday also had snow
And it piles up so instinctively, is a surprise

Just the snow a little bit ago I feel that...

PM is temporarily closed due to snow, we have your annoying inconvenience so caused.
I'm sorry.

Even the cat seems wandered in the snow
Mark is so cute

Snow remains much still playable, so please your family and friends and will benefit from
Please come to our previous Kamakura became a size bigger, so come
Forget the cold!!!Large road studless is recommended because it has frozen mornings and evenings are normal are OK but

Please see also made Valentine shop layout
This time the snow I'm sorry NetA just in

Asagiri milk workshop

The weather was bad.(° Ш °;)Asagiri dairy

Hi, Asagiri milk factory is.

Rain todayIn the always higher temperatures, so it melts snow
Kotori-Chan coming to the gift shop is a little sad, but happy
Now that everyone is, in the Favorites Manager"Teke-Teke.And"Caracalla"Have loved and called
Come here often so try looking for

(Sorry the photo is too small.)

Of beef products today are sold in our shopNew item 2We introduce
"Acupuncture" and "mask".

I think you might get into depression in Hay now
When you do thisCow's maskYou may feel goes up a little place.
And heal daily fatigueAcupunctureAlso in stock now!
How gift for someone who you work hard... but what?

This weekend's rain SaturdayA sunny SundayThe forecast is the mountain's snowThere is also the possibility of watch out for 10 minutes, please visit

☆ weekend making plans!
30 days(Soil)
Milk, milk coffee-9:30-11:00
Cheese is in hiatus.
Milk-> 9:30-11:00
* Factory staff are engaged at all times, so please feel free to contact us
(Description of the time customer please schedule)

Shop stuff Y h.

Snow may(^! ^)♪

Hi, Asagiri milk workshop.

It's warm today but last snow is snow food Park
Please come to see this because it is still

Caked snow...

Saturday night also a forecast of snow, so be careful, please

Asagiri milk factory shop Y / H