Sakura yokan is in stock now!

That is still followed by bitter cold Asagiri food Park

In the calendar is the first day of spring, early spring I can't wait these days

In Ueno confectionery Asagiri Kobo, in spring specialty, has started the sale of Sakura yokan

Salting of cherry leaves from Izu, in addition is a well-thought-out seasonal flavor jelly

Why don't you come to Asagiri food Park in early spring?

New red rice buns Red Fuji

Hello ♪ Ueno confectionery Asagiri Atelier ☆彡

Announcement of the Ueno confectionery products,

Bun wrapped in glutinous rice grew up at the foot of Mount Fuji in red "Red Fuji".

Slightly sweet and Red put Sesame salt

Ueno confectionery Asagiri Studio limited edition it is!One on sale at 250 Yen

Please take a look at Asagiri food Park


This week's blog will be responsible for Ueno confectionery.
Now the heat is called Equinox and cold
Much autumn has come ★
With a rookie just balanced in Ueno confectionery Asagiri workshop
It sells Ohagi, Daifuku, and rice cakes.

Rice mochi is fresh, stronger aroma, sweetness.
Of course rice so hot sticky rice flavor is excellent!

Please enjoy the luxuries, only this time!

Studio Tour ☆

Hi, this week's blog, from the Ueno confectionery will send you

Recently local primary school came to visit in each food Park-

Thank you, I received 1人1人 message

We had to talk about confectionary ingredients of the cake-making and local students with shining eyes peppy's

To hear the story in earnest "also VIP Member

School of the future will further enriched through the visit and nice! ~

The products you want to eat this right now,Morning mist Suite plateau puddingIt is.

Delicious milk dairies onwardsAnd,Fresh eggs from AsagiriTo smell sweet preciousMadagascar vanilla beansMade in addition.

Cooked slowly at low temperatures, rich and smooth texture is characterized by.

It is a dense pudding filled with deliciousness of Asagiri-Kogen, can't eat only here the decisive nature.

Come enjoy!

Nikuman ☆ ☆

Hi, this is Ueno confectionery Inaba.

On the calendar in the cold, increasingly sensitive to cold. Going to work in the morning in the freezing fast and less than
Hand holding the handle goes even more power.

Original meat blow cold at Ueno confectionery is sale at 120 yen.

Body and mind become a take-out, eat meat!
Meat eating while watching a nice winter views of Mt.Fuji are exceptional!

Please take a look at the Asagiri food Park.

Ueno confectionery Asagiri workshop