In August!!

In August, the sunlight is stronger now.
Hot weather continues…

Asagiri food Park, weekend 8/6 events will be held
Organises stage events as well as interest and time haze carried over OPS please.

Asagiri OCHA-Kobo, our ever-popular summerBrewed tea coldAlso sells

Enjoy the mellow, sweet green tea


For the summer!

Japan tea brewed with CHOW in ease and style
Is the most popular filtering bottle gift set

And filtering bottles (you can choose from four colors of brown / green / red/white)
Our popular No.1Of on rather's deep brown one with roasting packs 4

At home, invite your friends to a tea party
Take a look at
Number * please note that as long as there are

In addition, the 6/19Father's day
With appreciation, gifts of tea?

Recommended is here "with Tartary buckwheat lucrative yukata.
And rutin are about 100 times more usual and buckwheat in the Tartars from
Excellent effect in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, such as high blood pressure

When you visit please refer


Blooming flowers

In June, the sunlight is increasingly the Asagiri food Park
Fuji Park before the tea factory of…

OrangeThe pretty flowers are blooming
California poppy (California poppy)Flower said.

Let's get the honeyBeeMr. also appeared

Asagiri food Park is lush nature, trees, plants and flowers is of course in the insect's cozy seems good…
* Visit theBug spray, etc.Of * please reserve


New tea on sale now!

After a week and now 4 months leave!
Each workshop is underway, for green events from 5/1 at Asagiri food Park
In Fuji tea workshop weekendNew teaFor saleDid

Please take a look at our new tea tasting
In addition, the 5/8"Mother's day"The message of the new tea roasting packs available

With great appreciation, gifts?


Turkey clothing, accessories, new stock!

Hello, is a tea factory Fuji Park
Than last year are in a tea factoryTurkey gadgets corner

This time, new in stock

Popular bracelets
Perfect for the coming seasonCool colorThe stuff
Baptised and so cute!

And finally, new productsCopper filigree Tal copiesAlso plenty of stock
Little large and elegant color and pattern is nice
※ Please refrain are allergies, etc.

When you visit a tea factory of Turkey gadgets also look


New product announcements

Now a few days and finally left for 3 months
Recently around noon than swathed snow and cold weather still continues.
Today was roaring sweets Festival food Park
Charly confectioneryThe later ate the yummy jelly tea
Many customers who stop by saying that
Thank you very much

Well, today in tea workshop Fuji new products now in stock
Some more popular we have
Easy to make, can be brewed teaFiltering bottles
In addition to our family, easy to carry size available

I am backRedDark greenBrownThe color development in
In addition, family-sized white in stock

From this season's cold tea brewed with spring and summer
Your home, where you can, to work for mobile?
Please visit


Discover the spring!

Erratic weather temperatures change day by day,
That was at the foot of Mount Fuji this food Park is a warm spring still come?…

The discovery

At the root of the trees located throughout the food Park…

FukinotoIt is

Is not unfortunately have grown edible.
Just looking at, I feel the warmth

I am looking forward to coming spring authentic
Also, in the tea factory Fuji Park is spring! Such is the new tea book now
Tea of the season this year as gifts for your friends and your family, and your reward?


Yesterday 23 Mt.

The weather forecastSunnyIt was in is today from the morning we a little falling sleet

This is Mt. Fuji taken yesterday at 23.

Umbrella clouds relies on clean
That is good for me getting a little sunny warm and…

If it is fine camera in one hand to Asagiri food Park!


Test cheer!

While snow still melting will not fit
This weekend is forecast for snow

Click here to tea factory Fuji Park terraceSnowmanNow available!

But it is also warm the past few days and was out of shape a little bit
Also tsukurinaoseru in the snow for the weekend.

Today, a little late, butTest cheer teaIn stock now

This pattern called Maneki Neko, endearing smile of happiness
During the two contains green tea TeaBag
As gifts to the students?

In addition, year-end and new year holidays popular high snowman-shaped tea cans
We are selling so if you try pick up



Good morning!
Yesterday, Asagiri food Park area
Ferocious morning snowstorm(*_*)
Tea Studio, we were temporarily closed.

Even Mount Fuji last winter production and look rather(’-’*)♪
It is also forecast for snow this weekend.
139Winter car equipped with a closed issue(Studless, chain)In May is checked
During their 10-minute and careful m(__)m